Bateman Three Piece Suit

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Handcrafted in Italy using the finest of English and Scottish tweeds in sage brown with blue windowpane detailing, The Bateman Three Piece Suit is made to order with a slightly heavier weight that the Shooting Three Piece Suit. 

Complete with a half lined Roadster Shooting Jacket, crafted for maximum comfort and maneuverability, it features a bold blue shooting patch on the chest and elbow Alcantara patches. The coordinating Harkey Shooting gilet features Alcantara suede trimming to be worn with the traditional, fully lined Harkey Bleeks with adjustable side extension tab bottoms and coordinating details, each item is measured to fit.  Soft and smooth to touch, but strong and stable to wear.

Each stitch is intentionally placed by hand in Italy so that the piece can be worn and utilized with ultimate ease, and most importantly, endure the swift mechanics and performance that a sportsman demands. Rugged, refined and reserved, Bateman is strategically designed to withstand nature's unexpected elements and terrain.

Made in Italy to order, available in 2 to 3 weeks