Dive into the lush landscapes and rolling hills of the Old Dominion with Field Shop's Upland Virginia Shooting collection. Channeling the vibrant hues and textured terrains of Virginia's uplands, this collection merges Eastern elegance with the practicalities of the hunt. Each creation, artisanally crafted in Italy, resonates with the rich tapestry of Virginia's shooting traditions, echoing the sounds of rustling grasses and the sight of game taking flight. Designed for the discerning sportsman, the collection offers both protection against the elements and a sophisticated aesthetic befitting Virginia's storied hunting heritage. Experience the heart of Upland Virginia with a collection that seamlessly melds tradition, elegance, and ruggedness, exclusively from Field Shop by Hadleigh's.

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Bespoke Creations

Discover a truly unique outdoor experience with Field Shop's bespoke creations, tailored to perfection for the discerning sportsman. Our Founder and Designer, Ed Shaikh, understands the nuanced demands of various shooting and outdoor excursions, and is dedicated to crafting a custom design that suits your specific needs.

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