"To spend any time with Ed Shaikh is to be imbued with a feelthing that anything is possible. His bright smile, eager body language, and infectious positivity underpin any conversation, especially those dedicated to the more sartorial subjects. 'For years I have been outfitting clients, designing and creating whole wardrobes for investment bankers, doctors, lawyers, you name it.' Shaikh's designs follow traditional lines, but introduce elements that enhance the look without distracting from the purpose."

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"Hadleigh's is a brand that's special. Gable and I built something we always coveted and created this to be artisanship-based. The items we create are one-of-ones"

- Ed Shaikh in Covey Rise Magazine

Covey Rise Magazine

A Man's Castle

"One needn't be royalty to appreciate the patterns and the Hadleigh's kit, and it seems to adapt to every situation."

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