The Ultimate HMAN Celebrates 50 Years and Launches Fieldshop Collection

The Ultimate HMAN Celebrates 50 Years and Launches Fieldshop Collection


To celebrate his 50th birthday, luxury menswear designer and avid outdoorsman, Ed Shaikh, set out for an expedition in October that provided the distinct inspiration and opportunity to design a completely bespoke clothing collection for the traditional art of wingshooting. A hobby he has treasured since childhood, spending outings with his father and brother hunting as a child in Pakistan.


In anticipation of this curated experience at one of the country’s most distinguished driven shooting estates, Ed meticulously designed bespoke suiting and coordinating accessories from the finest wools and tweeds in customary patterns and rich earth tones. From a three piece Glenplaid Shooting Suit with coordinating cartridge and gun cases, to field boots and perfectly fitted bespoke shooting gloves, each piece was made by hand in Italy with the agility of a sportsman in mind.




Discover Hadleigh’s Field Shop

 The foundation of each and every Field Shop design is rooted in steadfast pillars of precision -- crafting the highest quality garments, meticulously designed for durability with practical, masculine style in mind.


From the very first stages of design conception, we ensure that the textiles we use are undeniably superior -- to us, this means working to source the finest fabrics that have a heritage of their own. From how the material is originally harvested, how it is honed and then how the fabrics are colored to feature the richest of pigments, our tweeds feature traditional tones that resemble earth's natural palette. Soft and smooth to touch, but strong and stable to wear.


Each stitch is intentionally placed by hand in Italy so that the piece can be worn and utilized with ultimate ease, and most importantly endure the swift mechanics and performance that a sportsman demands. Rugged, refined and reserved, Hadleigh's Field Shop collection is designed to withstand nature's unexpected elements and terrain. With attributes of dignified and discerning style that offer a lifetime of utility, withstanding the challenges and opportunities of each pursuit and expedition.


The finished product, you see, is not the piece you wear. It's the adventure that it takes you on.

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