OB Botanical Bulldog Shorts

OB Botanical Bulldog Shorts

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When we designed these bold Bulldog swim shorts, we were influenced by vintage botanical illustrations. These mid-length men's swim shorts feature nickel-effect adjustable side fasteners and closures and our trusted tailored fit. The almond-white background and multicoloured pattern demonstrate the best way to approach floral print.

Our Botanical capsule adds a radiant touch to our Summer collection with a selection of archive-sourced prints based on vintage botanical illustrations. Style these vivid floral print pieces together for a statement look, or blend them into your existing wardrobe for a herbaceous twist.
The Bulldog was our first swim short; its mid-length style is perfect for all shapes and sizes. Based on the pattern of men's traditional tailored trousers and comprising 60 elements, our signature adjustable side-fasteners give you the best fit. It's not just a swim short—it's a short you can swim in.

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