We could not be more in love with Italy.  There is nothing like going on an extended holiday to one of our favorite countries.  Exploring the flowing streets of Venice while taking a leisurely gondola ride. Catching the reflections of the monuments in the water and daydreaming of the Tinteretto’s while enjoying a plate of bigoli

Milan, the bustling urban metropolis and fashion capital!  Walking the Piazza del Duomo, and the amazing shops and cafés where we always find handmade Italian treasures.  Crafted by artisans whom were taught by their fathers and grandfathers before them.  Rome, oh Rome!  La Dolce Vita can still be felt in the air.  The Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel and the eternal inspiration they provide.  Naples, and the Amalfi cost, with the stairs, the vibrant colors, the smell of fresh lemons in the summer.  Spending the afternoon enjoying the ocean view while sipping a good limoncello.


And our true love, Florence.  The long days and late night strolls along the river, Florence.   Sipping a good wine on the roof top cafés and enjoying the view of the Arno River and the smooth hills.  Returning to our favorite trattorias, Garga and Latini, where the owners always welcome us with that renowned Florentine hopsitality and robust spirit for life.

 Life in Italy is about enjoying the moment.  Allowing yourself to wander the small and narrow streets, and getting lost in the magnificent scenery.  To wake up here is truly a blessing.  Enjoying the regional cuisine, the landscapes and beauty that every corner reveals.  The Italian spirit and lust for life is what we enjoy the most and is what we try to share with you in our collections for Hadleigh’s.